1Welcome to Nailympion Competition Portugal  2020

The most prestigious international nail competition, THE NAILYMPION, managed by Lysa Comfort; comes to Portugal. The contest, which will take place in Porto the 26 and 27 of April, will be held at EXPONOR, the Porto International Beauty Tradeshow.

What is THE NAILYMPION? It’s a championship that follows strict standardized rules of impartiality to preserve fairness and it counts with the presence of impartial judges, the INJA (from the INTERNATONAL NAIL JUDGE ASSOCIATION), qualified professionally that evaluate with honesty. It is also an independent competition, which means it is 100% unrelated to brands.

THE NAILYMPION represents the best environment where beginners and professionals from all around the world show their abilities and compete. It is an ideal location where technicians from every level can be evaluated with justice and fairness. It is a wonderful opportunity to learn from very talented professionals who will be working right next to you! In this event, competitors will show their abilities, challenging themselves. A unique experience that is already being celebrated in Italy, South Korea, Switzerland, Ukraine, Australia, Argentina, Spain and now in Portugal!